I hope what you see in my images is something different, nothing too matching, nothing overall posed. A moment of grace that catches you by surprise, a detail that makes you feel something beyond what you see in the image.

That’s my primary objective with wedding photography, to make you feel something every time you look at your images. I know that the latest trend will be the last thing on your mind when you look at your photos 10 years from now.

I also know that being deeply connected in the community, carrying supplies for any emergency and caring like family are the key to creating images full of emotion and personality that you will fall in love with.

If you’d like to book me for your Whistler wedding photography, I am offering a few spots for winter and summer weddings each year. Send me an inquiry, or schedule a call with me to discuss your dates and details.

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INVESTMENT: 8 hours $5200

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When I began mentoring associates, I was looking for talented photographers who believed, like I do, that the most beautiful stories are told from life’s imperfections and raw, unfiltered moments. I wanted to save them the time consuming trial and error I went through to establish my brand, and I craved the company of creatives who lived, breathed and dreamed wedding photography. 

Together we developed new insights into our role behind the camera and designed a new way of delivering beautiful, consistently-styled photography that I’m incredibly proud to offer under the Anastasia Photography brand. If you are looking for a mentor, you can do that here.

The WWC photographers have even taught me I can step back and lead from the sidelines while pursuing other creative projects I’m passionate about. If my style of wedding photography inspires you, you will love their work. If you’re also looking to spend your day with kind and lovely photographers, they’re all right here.

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I loved all of it...mentoring the artists, helping them develop their craft, and seeing them produce the kind of beautiful, emotional images that our clients love.

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