a letter from Anastasia

There’s a special kind of obsession that comes with spending over a decade photographing weddings. You start to see the world in frames, always imagining that one detail that completes the picture. And one day you realize that you have spent more than ten years noticing things like shoes and chaises lounges, chandeliers and lace.

Living in Whistler, I knew I was not alone in my infatuation with the rituals of design and celebration. I was surrounded by creatives. It just made sense to design a way we could work together to create a resource for inspired weddings from the sweetest elopement to the most intricate ceremony.

My vision was to assemble a collective who know that it is in the imperfections, in the raw & unaltered moments that we tell the best stories. For the past year I have sought out artists that not only know their craft well, but tell true stories of real beauty in all of its chaos and authenticity.

Finding a group of creatives that can spend hours upon hours over wine and coffee and wine again talking about the best way to photograph double exposures and the intricate details of taffeta & lace feels a lot like coming home to me.

The women who have found a home here use photography, videography and design as their storytelling medium. All of them are artists at heart and all of them lead beautiful lives that they are gracious enough to share with each other and with you.

I couldn’t be more proud to introduce the Whistler Wedding Collective: Sara, Jessie, Claire, Jessika, Kat, Lindsay, Reannan, Andi, Darcy and me: Anastasia.

hello we are the whistler wedding collective

founder & photographer

Photography for me became a way to unearth the details, the authentic moments, the chaos and the love

photographer & videographer

My goal is always the same – to capture the truth of your day while also providing a perspective otherwise missed


My goal is to capture not only what’s in front of the camera, but the unseen story as well.


the study of nostalgia and the things that inspire it – love, friendship, family and freedom


Unobtrusively capturing your story, in all of its sometimes unplanned, hilarious glory


I adore photographing the essence and mood of special occasions and would love to capture the original moments of your wedding day for you


Your story is the one I want to tell, not sitting still, just quietly positioned to
capture the beautiful moments of your day


There is no thing too small to evoke a big emotion and the stories told in the details are often the best stories

Photography, like life, happens only in the present, and when we're at our best we proactive craft and create art that points people to the most astonishing, beautiful, and human moments- the ones that happen in a sliver, almost a moment within a moment, and are gone.

– david duchemin –

kind words

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it.